Several people have asked me whether you are going to be asked to vote this year and I was going to but I realise for lots of you it's impossible to find time so this year will be different - I have been lucky enough to have been able to recruit a crack team of librarian judges. I am so grateful to these ladies for giving up their time to do this. Ladies & gentlemen may I present our dream team!:

Barbara Band
Beth Khalil
Carol Williams
Caroline Roche
Kate Garnett
Rosalind Buckley
Anita Vine

Ann Robinson

Most of them have taken part in Write Path before, but not this year, so they will be unbiased - & no bribing allowed (not even chocolates!) I will only be involved in judging if there should be a tie and a casting vote is needed. Good luck to the participants and very good luck to our judges - you've got a heck of a hard choice to make!

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