As usual, we had a few fun and games to begin with - one student MIA, another sent to bring our alternate and a third sent to remind the student we all knew would forget what we had planned for today!

A quick print off of the story so far, introduction of teams to each other and a round up of the who, what and why, then off they went.

Only minimal disturbance was caused by the stalking librarian with iPhone, and the all assured me they were not on the run from international criminal gangs and so could safely be photographed.

The stories went beautifully, with very little advice or input from me, and the students worked together really well.

Infact, it was clearly all going a little too well, as it became obvious that our previous solution for saving the stories didn't work, nor did emailing them, and when they were finally put into the students' own drives, I then couldn't find them to retrieve!!


Luckily a phone call revealed that admin changes to the ICT network were to blame, and a solution was found in time for the paragraphs to be up by 11.25! Phew!


Photos uploaded next, and this is my last box to tick before I go home and lie down in a dark room - Mrs H, I don't know how you do it!

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