I hadn't been texting, I would have seen the sign; and If I'd read it, I
would never have gone through the gate. It's not as if I go looking for
trouble. If I hadn't sent that text - if I'd finished it just a heartbeat
later - Sam wouldn't have set off to meet me. We would both be at home now:
warm, dry, and safe. It's all my fault. But I didn't know. Why should I
have worried? There was no fear in the air, no strange noises, or any hint
of the terrible smell that I can't get out of my nostrils now. Everything
was completely normal. Then I looked up from my phone, and froze.

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Comment by WP Central on October 15, 2009 at 8:44
Suddenly, I could see long green venomous claws. I heard a rustle, which turned into a roar. Also I saw a mutated snail. The snail was so painfully hideous. Eventually, I felt human after all. I was late and extremely nervous. I tried to ring Sam, however I had no credit and I had no range. I thought I could distract them, but instead they came for me. I started to run. Then I slipped on the disgusting slime that came from the snail.

I fell onto a humungous poisonous spider web. I realized I had five minutes left. I looked up It was not an ordinary spider it was an evil thing called Ashwin!!!!

By Chantelle and Tabitha Blackheath Bluecoat
Comment by Sue Parr on October 15, 2009 at 9:36
Ashwin ate one of the flies on his web. Then everything seemed to stop, a whirl of wind came sweeping past me. I looked back only to see ... Sam! He had been tricked by Zack, his partner in Chemistry. They had been working on an experiment to turn spiders in to stone for ages! But it went wrong, it exploded! Sam was right in shot and the whole solution covered his head. To make matters worse Zack stood there and laughed whilst watching Sam turn into a spider. Sam was full of revenge now he was human again! He was planning his revenge for tomorrow...
By Amelia and Charlotte from Heathfield, Pinner
Comment by Nicola McNee on October 15, 2009 at 11:03
My head drooped and my eyes felt heavy. Sam’s voice rung out but nothing was any sense. I slowly fell unconscious. To what seemed an eternity later, My eyes flickered open. The first sight of Zack was all I needed to predict something was going down. Sam and Zack were throwing mad punches at each other. There behind Zack was a pile of the green sludge. Sam must have killed the mutated snail! Sam kicked a fatal kick at Zack in the stomach and he slid back into the thick, gooey, sludgy substance that had used to be the snail. As Zack screamed kicked and wriggled like a worm in a last hope to free himself from his inevitable fate. Hair grew from his face arms and legs. He jumped behind a tree stump. “What the heck were you thinking?” I yelled at the bewildered figure of Sam. The figure that arose was definitely not Zack…

Max, Will and Rupert
Comment by Liz Bridge on October 15, 2009 at 11:25
Zack had become a terrible monster, he had grown over five times his original height. The green sludge had turned his skin to a vile green that made him look like he was going to be sick. He had also lost his legs as they had become a tail of a snail. I screamed as he arose from the sludge. I tried to run, but felt as if I had not quite recovered from when I passed out. Sam ran over to me and helped me up. As we turned to run Zack- the half monster snail and half human- came towards us. I screamed in horror...

Paige and Sophie from Warblington
Comment by Mrs Diana Scott on October 15, 2009 at 12:05
I stepped back in shock. Bewildered by the sight standing before me, I made for my escape, but I was rooted to the spot. I couldn't move a muscle. It was rearing its disfigured shadow over me, flooding its nefarious aura around me. Fear trickled down my spine, rippling at every angle. I needed to move. I needed to flee from this flagitious evil. So vice, so cruel, that thinking about it was driving me insane. I tried to lift my right leg but it wouldn’t budge. I tried my left. Nothing! I turned back to the nauseating figure. It was moving closer. It was hard to believe that this creature in front of me was once mortal and defenceless. I sigh at the truth of my predicament. There was no escape. I was exposed. Unguarded… It was mirthlessly laughing as I remained cowering in its shadows. It casted a glowering look as it scrutinized me. I managed a weak smile as I knew that inside it still remained Zack. I yelled to Sam, “RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!” , as I noticed the beast that was once Zack, turning its atrocious head towards Sam, every muscle twitching with anger.

C.J and Bibire, Mayfield
Comment by Bev Humphrey, Woolwich Poly, UK on October 15, 2009 at 13:16
I picked up a snail shell and threw it but it took no notice. Wildly as it looked around the floor it noticed me. He looked towards me, with his green eyes and decided to take a step .As he took a step he left a glue slime trace behind .Sam’s eyes opened in shock, and blinked quickly. Zack was coming up to me. I was scared but I remembered mum saying that only the people who are babies are scared. He started to smell me and roared at me with his smelly breath.
It smelled like my 6 year old football shoe. I tried to make a run but he now was too close .Sam tried to hit him to distract him ,but that snail Zack did not take a little peek .Sam was worried that he might eat me up or swallow me alive however nothing like that happened . He turned around and run up to Sam like a storm. Sam ran for his life he darted by the side and ran towards me. As time went on it was Sam and I trying to hide behind each other. It looked like some parts of the monster were fading and it took quite a time to notice that but… …
By Tirath Woolwich Polytechnic School
Comment by WP Central on October 15, 2009 at 16:24
Suddenly I realised that my name was being called, and I awoke in total reality. I felt a cold hand shaking my head, and fearted the worst. But the worst didn’t come. “It’s all over, don’t worry!
The dentist smiled, and slowly helped me sit up. “Where’s Zack? What about the mutant snail?” relief spread over me, but…
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 15, 2009 at 20:34
Marshalla Cherry, Minnie Ruffin Elementary, Monroe, LA USA
Did I dream that or did it really happen? I left the dentist's office in a daze. Outside were my two best friends, Zack and Sam. They listened intently to my story. Zach was his usual crusty self not believing anything I said. Sam said it was just a dream. He would see me home in case I did not feel well. Maybe there was some truth in my dream.

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