Didn't get round to putting a blog post last night - was exhausted! What a start to the day it was yesterday - wonderful contributions from Pakistan and my favourite author featured (anyone who was at the SLA conference can probably guess who that is - Gervase Phinn!). My boys were second and they seemed to enjoy themselves - especially Joe who gave a sterling performance for the video story - I laughed out loud he is a born entertainer. Unity City Academy took up the gauntlet next and we had a video call with them at the end - sadly they couldn't hear us but luckily I could type quite quickly so we were able to communicate! Trinity School in Belvedere took over from Unity (this is my daughters old school so she was cheering them on from uni) and after her visit to me on Monday I hope Lorraine their librarian was fairly relaxed ;0) . Oasis Academy were second to last and I know they had their open evening after so it was a very busy day for my friend John Iona and I'm so glad they were able to take part. Lexington Elementary finished the day wonderfully well and we were suddenly 3 days down.

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