The American Indians believe that the circle is in everything where power moves and Trish Mildwater can make power. She walks slowly down School Lane listing circles; the sun above, grey stones, a wren’s nest. At the iron gates to the Central School for Child Geniuses, she looks up at the biggest circle of all; the glittering, stained glass orb in the middle of the North Tower, and whispers to the sky.
‘Bring my twin back to me.’

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Comment by Bev Humphrey, Woolwich Poly, UK on October 14, 2009 at 10:28
Then all of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew past her ``your wish will come true’’ said a mysterious ghostly voice ``but in 48 hours.’’``within those 48 hours you must do good deeds and be nice and helpful to friends, family and enemies.’’
Before Trish could go home the voice said ``also bad luck will come of you after each deed.’’
Trish was walking home thinking, thinking about being nice to Tamisa, her worst enemy , the one she dread the most, until Tamisa happened to be walking down the path holding her head in shame -she wanted to just walk away but she remembered about how to bring her twin back.
``what’s wrong’’ Trish asked. Tamisa did not speak, ``do you want help or not!’ Trish said ``someone took my most prized photo of my grandma and granddad’’Tamisa replied
Trish ran over 3 miles just to find the hooligans.
``hey! Give me that picture !’’ said Trish the boys started to laugh like hyenas ``or what sweet cheeks.’’
Trish started to throw dislodged bricks ``take it!’’ whined a nicely bruised boy.
Later after giving the picture back, a boy with brass knuckles came over a fence then…
By Taylor
Woolwich Polytechnic
Comment by janet dowey on October 14, 2009 at 11:22
“AAAAAARRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed jumping out of my bed, my mother came running in with a baseball bat and shouting “what’s happening are you all right!”
“Mum I’m fine it was just a dream honestly I’m fine” is stated in a confident tone. I just couldn’t believe that it was all a dream but it was so real and I thought it was happening. I had to hurry up getting dressed so I wouldn’t be late again, I didn’t have time to get washed so I just got ready.

I had to run to school that morning so I wouldn’t be late and just managed to make it before they shut the gates I was about to run inside but I caught sight of the glass orb again and started to hear voices “one more day.” The voice said in a clear tone that pierced through all my other thoughts and was my only thought. The school bell caught me unguarded and shocked me out of my day dream, gathering my senses, I ran inside before they locked the door, I couldn’t be late again or I would get a detention.

The halls were old and smelled faintly of old oak wood; they must have been very old because they had to be refurbished at leased once a year. As I passed the school trophy cabinet a certain pride came about me as I saw the numerous trophies and awards that littered the dusty shelves, gazing dreamily at the cabinet a finger appeared on my shoulder and tapped gently twice and enunciated in a soft almost perfect voice, “your going to be late, shouldn’t you hurry?” I turned to find our school headmaster stood leaning on the trophy cabinet in a casual stance. I stammered in my clumsy way, “s-s-sorry sir I didn’t realise the time I’ll hurry.”

I turned and walked almost jogged to my tutorial group apologising constantly as I entered the room and then sat at my usual seat at the back of the class, which was the only place that I could speak to my friend, my only friend, Josh. He would not mock me like the other kids, they mocked me because I’m different, very different in a way that only you could imagine in your wildest dreams, a way that is only in the nightmares of infants and that is the only thing that makes me, me. This is a secret so big I had to swear on an oath on pain of death not to tell a soul but I had told someone, the only mortal I could trust Josh and now he had to keep quiet or we would both get it, you wouldn’t want to know what it was.

I turned to Josh and opened my mouth but as soon as I did the teacher bellowed across the room “QUIET!” I blushed a light shade of pink and faced forward. A man slammed open the and panted heavily and said my name, I already knew who it was but no-one else did, he almost dragged me out of the class and put me up against the wall, he started shouting and saliva was shooting in my face, I couldn’t even wipe my face, and I could barley understand him. I finally understood him and couldn’t believe my ears I had a mission to find my twin the lost sister, the sister I never had, the sister I always, wanted the prophecy had come true…
by Michael Taylor
Unity City Academy
Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on October 14, 2009 at 12:17
But suddenly I saw my twin sister in a beam of light but then it faded into thin air. Then a slight shiver crept down my back. I fainted...... but then I woke up so confused. I noticed that the class had disappeared and this weird cold feeling touched my hand. It was this girl that looked just like me. She said to me “how are you, are you ok?” I said to her are you my twin sister?” she said.......
By Kirsty Richardson and Laura Ashton.CHRIST THE KING PRESTON.
Comment by Lorraine French on October 14, 2009 at 13:26
A few seconds of silence passed then she replied, ‘I am…..’
I was shocked as I knew nothing about having a sister. Maybe my parents were trying to hide this from me but why? Maybe I was dreaming but how would I know? But there was no explanation for what had just happened. I turned my head to where the girl was standing she was nowhere to be seen. Why did she leave or was she there at all. The classroom was very gloomy, dreary and deserted. I started to walk away from the scene thinking about what had just happened. I studied the hall I was walking in disbelief. I looked around the girl stood there once again. I felt petrified. She didn’t look happy she completely took over the hall. Vibrant lights filled the air with power. I ran to gain cover, the air was cold I stood still…..

By Dan and George
Trinity school
Comment by John Iona on October 14, 2009 at 14:29
Frozen like I was in the Antarctic, I shrieked in disbelief thousands of her spirits swept the room like they was coming after me so I ran, I ran as fast as I could into the steep and hollow corridor passing the trophy case where the action began. Trapped in the corridor it suddenly went pitch black I tried to feel something but the only thing I felt was my heart pounding and the sign of relief I was alive!.
I could hear someone shouting my name, but couldn’t see who it was. Suddenly everything was clear again, I could see clouds beneath me, I seemed thousands of feet high. I was a spirit. I floated down to my old gloomy school, as I saw my twin sister; or should I say my evil sister terrorising the school. Head teacher scared to death in a bundle of rope, threatened by my twin not to give her exclusion. Scared to interrupt, I thought to myself if I don’t do anything now, I don’t know what will happen….
By Jessica tayler & Shanice Svensson-Welch at oasis academy Enfield!
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 14, 2009 at 20:45
Written by Carson Richman, Lexington Elementary, Monroe, LA, USA
I was falling out of the sky when I felt someone pushing me. I woke up finding a girl who looked exactly like me saying, "Trish! Trish! Wake up, you are having a bad dream." "What?" I asked. "You have been asleep for two hours." "How? I was asleep but I woke up an hour ago and you were there and you were evil." " What are you talking about," asked my sister. "I am not evil you should know that since you have known me forever. Just whatever. Hurry up, We are going to be late." "For what, I asked." "It is Saturday," my sister said. "And?" I asked. "Your ceremony, silly." She said pulling me into the rain. We hurriedly went to the Central School For Child Geniuses. A man led me to a podium and handed me a card. I looked out into the ocean of people. "Um..I am..." "Read from the card, the man whispered." I looked at the tiny note card and read, "I thank all of you today for this award." I paused wondering, what award. I shook my head and continued. " I never thought I'd win the fight but look, here we are. It was much stronger than me but I fought it with a satisfying win. I have destroyed the North Tower Orb. Its powers were evil but not any more. I must be going now. Goodbye." I walked outside in to the sunlight and realized I was free.

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