I wake in the dark. Where the hell am I? There is smooth silk on my cheek. The smell of timber and resin fills my nostrils. It can't be? I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to block out the possibility but I can't deny the evidence of my senses any longer. I'm laid in a coffin, buried underground. My mind races. I was in the woods. That dark form, the rush of air, the cold breath on my throat, then the tearing. One word explains everything: vampire! Yet I am clear-headed. I don't crave blood. What's happened to me? What have I become? Then I hear a spade digging down towards me. Somebody is unscrewing the coffin lid. Any moment now I will understand my fate.

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Comment by Amir Arshad on October 14, 2009 at 8:18
Added by Zahra Mazhar and Amna Rubab
Bloomfield Hall School Sahiwal Pakistan
I was very restless to know what the man was up to. I found that the man was talking to somebody, so there was more than one man. “No, no, we can not take his coffin to him.” “Yes, you’re right. What if the man’s ghost wakes and does harm to us.” Then I understood that they were afraid of me and so I decided to trick them. I decided to show them that I was a real ghost.”Just don’t waste time and get the dead body in the van” One of the men said to the other. “Oh yes, yes do it quickly” I decided that the time had come to scare them. When they came near my coffin, I opened my eyes and said in a frightful noise, “What are you doing?” The men were shivering with fear. They looked at me in horror and then started running towards the door of the graveyard…………….
Comment by Bev Humphrey, Woolwich Poly, UK on October 14, 2009 at 10:13
Was I that scary? What were they talking about I’m going to harm them why would I harm them. I’m confused how did I get in coffin and why did I think of a vampire, I’m pretty sure it was my last memory before I woke up. Did I get bit by a vampire? No I couldn’t of, or did I, or even could I, vampires aren’t real why would I say such a thing. I must have though because of what the men were saying. I walk to the graveyard door, rats they locked it, now I’ll never catch up to them now and I’m also locked in a graveyard. I give one little push only a little one, BANG BANG the bolts have broke on the door and its steel and I’m 14 and I broke steel, no two steel bolts. I’m freaked out now - me breaking two steel bolts. I don’t waste time I run, wow that was fast there can only one reason for this I was bitten by a vampire and it was all true. To catch up with them I use all the new things I see them I go to them round the corner their gone.
By, Harry
Woolwich Polytechnic
Comment by janet dowey on October 14, 2009 at 11:22
I could hear my feet trailing across the floor as i ran, i looked down to find dust beneath me. What was happening to me? Yeah I think I might be a vampire, but what did these men want with me. I heard an almighty bang and realised there was a plume of smoke heading for the sky. I rounded the corner to see a black van smashed against a tree, crumbled like a piece of paper. I staggered towards the van, my legs like jelly. Who was in that van, I had to help them, what if someone was hurt. I opened the driver’s door to discover a man with cuts and bruises all over he’s face and another man who was conscious "its going to be ok, dont worry" i comforted them. I ran to the phone box and dialled 999 but there was a busy tone. I had to help them myself; I walked back to the van to find that both men had dissappeared. Where had they gone?
by, Chelsea Starling
Unity City Academy
Comment by Lorraine French on October 14, 2009 at 13:18
I blinked again to make sure this was truly reality. As my eyes reopened they were blurred. The strong scent of onions lingered in the air. I blinked yet again, but this time I vaguely recognised two dark figures standing before me. Suddenly the two figures grew closer and closer. My head became dreary, and I started to tip backwards. I hit my head on the cold, hard concrete ground. My eyes blacked out and I fell unconscious.
“Hurry up Vince. Lift, before anyone sees us!”
Then I felt someone or thing lift me, they shuffled, then dropped me onto which seemed to be a wet, dirty, forest floor. Car engines started and gradually it weakened. The air became silent, yet again.
Trying to get my footing right, I realised I was in a dark forest, alone. It didn’t make sense. None of it made sense. I was knocked out by onions, and then carried to a dark forest. Was I in fact a ghost? Or was I right all along. Was I really a vampire?

By Alix and Elysia
Trinity School Belvedere
Comment by John Iona on October 14, 2009 at 14:27
I can hear them all around me. Follwing me like a savage malicious hunter. I feel them following me in my thoughts, in my subconcious and I see them in life itself. I'm not sure why I'm being followed but in a way I do. But one thing I do know is I am a vampire. They're the ghosts of people I've killed, I knew they would find me one day but not just this soon. I've finnaly realised, that I don't know what I have become.In my mind I reminisce the screams of the innocent one's that I brutally murdered. If I could stop myself I would but now it's too late. I've been caught out now, and I have two options either I get killed, by the innocent people of this earth, or I did what I did to them on myself in dignity.But which of these is the best choice.
By Tolu Babalola & Cameron Mcnicholls
Oasis Academy Enfield
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 14, 2009 at 21:16
Written by Mathew Eberts and Noah Short, Lexington Elementary, Monroe, LA, USA
I finally made my choice. I had to kill them again. But how do you kill a ghost? That was the biggest question.I took a cookie out of my packet and started running. The ghost followed. Everything was going according to plan. Once we got to the gas station I placed the cookie in front of the gas pump. Then I backed away and pulled out my mini rocket launcher. I said, "Any last words." The ghost replied, "See you in the fiery gates!" Then boom! The party was over. I had done it.
Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on October 15, 2009 at 14:13
This chapter did not upload when it should have. It belongs after Chelsea Starling's from UCA. I don't think it alters the story very much so I'm adding it as a kind of PS....

I ran on as fast as I could but at the end I didn’t have a chance of catching them. They must have been miles of by now so I stood at the corner thinking of what to do next .Could I go home ? Would mum freak out? Probably she’s like that ever since dad died in that horrid accident. Hold on I remembered something ,someone who did this to me .The next day I awoke in the alley down the street where I lived. I decided I was going to find out who did this to me. As quick as a flash I was away heading to the graveyard.I looked round for my grave - the strange thing was that my grave wasn’t all dug up like last night, someone had been back. Hold on, I could smell something strange in the dirt, it smelt like deodorant, after a few minutes I set off towards my house. As I walked the strong sickly smell was getting stronger and stronger. Wandering past the local shop something really strange happened , an elderly person just walked straight through me like I was never there. This is when I started to worry about what was happening to me. I set out to find the person who killed me.

Terry. Christ the King, Preston.

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