So sorry to PS4 for the delay in getting our paragraphs up and all the best of luck finishing the stories.


We had fun with them eventually, after three of our Year 7's forgot to come down to the LRC and we had to set out hunting for them!! We also had a little confusion about the following on, but in the end they all did a really good job with the stories they worked on.


We had 6 Year 7 students and 6 Year 9 students with us working in pairs, and as we finished I asked what had motivated them to add the paragraphs they did and if they'd enjoyed the Write Path;

Jade and Kayleigh said "We planned out our paragraph together, we changed part of the story throughout the paragraph to make it better, our ideas worked well and we worked well as a pair", and Will and Oscar wrote that they "... decided to write our paragraph how we did by choosing different ways of how the story could go, and then we picked the best idea".


Blake and Hameed, who continued Dave Cryer's story, thought "We got our inspiration from the last paragraphs and books we have previously read, like Blade, and from a man in the town centre who’s nicknamed  “Homeless John”.


Now we're all looking forward to finding out how the stories end!!!


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