Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good week and that you had an enjoyable Easter break? It seems a long time ago already here! It is already time to start preparing for this year's Write Path which seems inconceivable - was only Christmas 5 minutes ago! I have had a lot of interest for this year's event so if you do decide to take part please do sign up quickly. I have taken the decision to change the running this year, I have wanted to celebrate World Book Day for a long time so this year's October event will be 2 weeks long (30/9 - 11/10) with the 3rd and 10th being poetry days and the 2nd and maybe the 9th (depending on demand) being primary school days but then there will be another event running from the 3rd March until the 14th March. We won't have any poetry days in March but World Book Day UK on the 6th March will be a special graphic novel themed day (details to follow later). I have had to make a slight upward adjustment in the price, it will now cost £80 per group with a discount for multiple groups in any one event but we will of course still be printing books and you will receive a copy of your book as part of your subscription. You can sign up for both events but schools will be limited to one group for World Book Day. 

The signing up form for October is here:

Inclusion is dependent on payment being made by the end of July (if this is problematic because of your budget allocation timings please contact me). 

If you want to get ahead and sign up for March the form is here:

Payment will be due for March before the end of December please. 

I hope you will all be as excited by these changes as I am - very much looking forward to both events as usual!! Please do contact me if you have any queries but I hope to have you with us for one of the next Write Paths. 

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